Plush-a-holic's me Dawn from I am a self proclaimed Plush-a-holic soooo (meaning I love to make stuffed creatures and collect other handmade ones)I thought why not name my blog that. So I did. I will be sharing my thoughts, the works of other artists I think are amazing, tidbits about my family and my life and of course Plush creations (Love=Creatures) by myself and those that inspire me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the land of dolls there once lived a lady that was crazy for them...

Finally I have finished the dolls I have been plugging away at. Man Soren is just so active and usually only takes one very short nap...right now...and I have to try and squeeze it all in at night after he goes to bed and I have to be inspired to work on's so hard sometimes to find energy for me....but Soren is so cute and fun and we have a great time. Anywho...tody is pink Thursday so I will be back later in the day to post my pink photos.....the thing about these dolls is they take a long time to make and I am just having the hardest time letting them go but in this batch at least one or two will go into my will take me a bit to get them in. I will post about them before I put them in my shop and I am not going to reserve them...they will not be cheap but they will be reasonable and it will just be so hard to see one go....I love dolls...see you later today xoxo


Anonymous charlotte said...

they're amazing dawn!!!!!

1:12 PM  
Anonymous betsy said...

Each of them is so wonderful and unique, Dawn. xo

5:23 PM  

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